The 20:1 Ratio

A good friend of mine recently brought to my attention that it seems like dating sites these days had 20 men for every one woman.  This would make sense seeing as most womans inboxes are flooded with cheesy one-liners and even some well thought out greetings. I decided to dig a little deeper to see if that was in fact the case and the results were quite surprising. Most websites actually have about a 50/50 ratio and some even have slightly more women! So why is it that men have a hard time on sites while women are up to their eyeballs in messages? I think the answer is really very simple, and that is that most woman expect the man to start the converstaion. Which is true, looking back at my online dating vendetta I can not think of any time where I actually messaged a man first. It seems these days it is expected for the man to make the first move. In order for them to get even one message they have to send out multiple, it makes sense that their inboxes are comparitively emptier! Ladies have it easy, they just wait for the messages to arrive. My unused account is a very good example. I haven’t checked it in three weeks and I have over 90 messages and 100s of views and “likes” even though I was completely inactive.  I am not above average in the looks department either, I am heavier set and far from model status, yet my inbox is bursting at the seams. For those ladies that are actively using dating sites, I have a challenge. Be a little bit bold, send a couple of your matches a message first! Be different. I bet it’ll make their day! The good news for men is that the ratio is not as one-sided as it may seem, there are plenty of women, the right one is bound to pop up on your screen eventually!

Author: datingbyatroll

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