Types of men On Tinder part 1

Ever notice that there are specific types of men on Tinder? These types are inherently obvious in Las Vegas.  I will refer back to these in future posts!

The One with the Kid 

We all know the type. The one that always has a kid in his pictures, even if it’s not his, usually with a statement “Not my kid!” somewhere in his bio. It reminds me of when I was little and my uncle would use me to pick up ladies, just the online version, and if we are being honest, it works! Let’s face it, most women LOVE a man who is good with kids, so much so that they may swipe Right simply for the fact he is good with kids (no denying it, I am guilty of doing this!). It’s absurd really but for some reason it works, and men know this, so they use that little mini wingman to their advantage.


The Gym Rat

Tinder, being a site known for simple hookups is crawling with these. They post gym photos, usually with their face cut out and them flexing in the mirror. Half the time they ONLY post gym photos and nothing of their face or any candids. I usually steer clear, but if I do end up speaking to them, it never fails that they bring up the fact that they are going to, are at, or just left the gym like it is a huge accomplishment. We get it, just from your pictures, you really don’t have  to mention it over and over. Good for you for taking care of your body but looks fade, so unless you are Mr. Brock O’hurn (who can talk to me about something as lame as paint drying and I would be fascinated) I dont care to hear about, or see all your gym pictures that look virtually the same.

The Dog Lover

It never fails, I always have at least one man message me saying, “I swiped right because of your dog.” I feel like these ones are looking for one of two things, a serious relationship, or to talk about dogs and never acually meet. This doesn’t bother me any, just be prepared to get my number so we can swap dog pics like a couple of proud parents! You can always judge a person based on their dog!

Mr. Pick Up Lines

I would never admit this to a man on Tinder but pick up lines are a favorite of mine. I absolutely love when they get creative and their first message isn’t “Hey”. I have noticed that the ones that start a conversation with a GOOD pickup line (not a cheesy over-used one) are extremely easy to talk to, just respond with something witty or another pickup line and they are pleased. Most the time, these guys are a hoot, and I find MYSELF asking for their number before they ask for mine.

The Out of Towner

Depending on where you live, you may or may not get a ton of out of towners. Myself, being in Vegas, have quickly learned to spot the profile of someone not local because there are tons here. They are never looking for a serious relationship (duh, because they don’t live here!). I will admit, they can be a bit of fun, especially when you get exotic foreigners. Usually I chat with them for an hour and then we never speak again and I usually unmatch them at some point to clear out my lists. For ladies looking for no strings attached hookups they are ideal. Think about it. Most have an accent because they are from a different state, some even a different country and who doesn’t love a nice sexy accent? You hookup with a sexy foreigner and then they go back to their country and you don’t have to worry about running into them at a bar or club and it being awkward! Sounds like a win-win to me, if you are into that stuff.


To be continued. Screenshot_2017-08-17-00-21-11

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