Eyes Opened


If you were to read one – and only one of my blogs – I would ask that it would be this one. This isn’t my typical blog. It has much more meaning. It started as a normal day of doing nothing. I decided to go to the park and read because I haven’t sat down with a good book since I got out of highschool and I’ve missed getting lost in my own mind. I am very new to Vegas so I typed “parks near me” into Google and went to one that was fairly close and looked nice based on the pictures provided by Google. What started as a trip to relax quickly turned into something more meaningful. Soon after I set up my blanket and had my book out I realized this seemingly busy park wasn’t just busy and that these people had an awful lot of personal items with them, and when a good-doer came and started handing out socks I knew exactly who these people were. I unintentionally walked into a not-so-great neighborhood and I think perhaps God did that for a greater purpose. So here I sat book in hand, pitbull at side under the canopy of a large tree.  Well being homeless doesn’t change a love for animals – specifically dogs! It wasn’t long before I was having conversations with several people, all rooting from them asking about the dog. I can’t think of the last time I had such genuine conversations with near strangers. What was supposed to be a 1-2 hour trip turned into 6 hours, and I hardly noticed.  I got a glimpse of these people’s lives, got to know them as people. Some even shared their chicken with the dog, trying to earn his favor, and even offered to share with me! It amazed me the community they had. Mia (name changed for privacy), a sweet middle aged woman, about 7 months pregnant bought a bucket of chicken with what little money she had and she shared with EVERYBODY even the people she didn’t know closely. I talked with many people, about the dog, their day, etc but I talked to Mia the most. About life, her unborn child, books. She asked me about the book I was reading and mentioned her love of reading. I ended up gifting her the book, and told her to pass it to someone else once she was finish, which she promised she would do. Up until this day I never realized just how many people were struggling right outside my backyard. These people truly touched me and because of that, I am going to do everything in my power to do what I can. While I can’t help monetarily right now, I do plan to start visiting this park often, getting to know these people better and eventually bringing them things. Maybe even start a gofundme for Mia’s baby when she has it! Lately I have been lacking a passion and purpose for life, but now I am eager to change something. Even if it is just for a handful of people.  Have you seen people struggling? What have you done to help?

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