The Snapchat Mishap

Screenshot_20171211-221357The excitement, confusion, embarrassment and disappointment I’ve felt today all started with Dave….Only Dave wasn’t the Dave I thought he was. For one reason or another my Snapchat has several people on it that I don’t particularly know, because if I am being honest, I accept anyone who adds me. Probably not the wisest thing and it has bitten me, quite hard, right in the arse today.

My bestfriend, Dave, lives in PA. We Snapchat on occasion and go back and forth on Facebook.  About 2 weeks ago Dave messaged me on Snapchat and we kicked off with our usual back and forth banter, as good friends do. He then informed me a few days later that he would be in Las Vegas for work December 19th-27th, which of course made me ecstatic! A whole week with my best friend, in Las Vegas of all places. HELL YES.  My first clue should’ve been when I tagged my bestie on Facebook exclaiming how excited I was to see him soon and it was not reciprocated… almost as if he didn’t understand what I was talking about. Dave #2, aka the Dave I actually HAVE NO FUCKING CLUE AS TO WHO HE IS, talked just like him, sent me similar Snapchats so I never doubted it was him. That is until I accidentally unfriended my bestfriend on Facebook so I snapchatted him telling him to add me back, to which he responded that we had never added each other on Facebook. This, of course sparked loads of confusion and at first I thought he was fucking with me, I would not put it past him, of course Dave and I were friends on Facebook . I then realized that Dave hadn’t seemed to know what I was talking about when I tagged him on Facebook and things started to piece together. My bestfriend is NOT going to be in Vegas in 2 weeks, the Dave I have been talking to for 2 weeks was a completely different Dave, in a state I don’t even know! Despite being disappointed that Dave isn’t the Dave I thought he was, I am still incredibly intrigued to meet him, afterall, he has put up with my friendly insults the past couple weeks and even dished some back!

This whole situation is rather comical, now that it’s all said and done. I made a new friend out of it (yay another Dave!), and learned some valuable lessons. Also now I know how easy it is to make new close friends if you just act like you’ve known them forever, take Dave and I for example. We immediately hit it off and have been talking non-stop all because I teased him just like I tease my best friend and he went with it. I hope his feelings aren’t hurt, since I told him I had no clue who he is. I am, however, looking forward to getting to know this fateful friend for the Dave he really is, assuming he isn’t  mad at me and that he actually responds to my messages. In all honesty I am not sure how I’d take it if someone was only talking to me because they thought I was someone else. I am extremely disappointed I’m not going to see my bestfriend next week,  but also am looking forward to meeting a new friend.  Welcome to my circle Dave #2!


*note a screen grab of part of my conversation just for entertainment


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