The start of a troll

Sometimes dating isn’t all it is cracked up to be, sometimes I feel like I will never find the “one”. I have been on countless websites- Plenty Of Fish, Tinder, Zoosk, Farmer’sOnly (because let’s be honest who doesn’t dream about meeting a ruggedly handsome cowboy!). I have heard success stories, as well as failures. My story is neither a success nor a failure, or maybe it is both? These websites have created in me, what some may call a “troll”. I no longer am “Tinderella” looking for a date to a ball. I have slowly become a sarcastic, slightly bitchy (but hilarious) version of who I was before and it is all thanks to the dumb, hilarious, and sometimes mildly outrageous conversations I have had with men on Tinder and sites like it. If I am being honest, I am ok with that. It gives me pleasure to test the wits of my matches, and even greater pleasure when their wits match mine and they can keep up with my jokes! I am not afraid to throw down a dirty pickup line, and that is a-okay with me! I am in the heart of sin city, Las Vegas, baby! And with that, comes plenty of¬†opportunity to match and talk with people from all over the world! This blog is about the men that appreciate my wits and match it- or don’t, eiher way making for a funny conversation, it will feature these conversations along with hilarious stories, advice (follow it at your own risk), dating fails and so much more!